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Inside the church

3 Wise Men


Inside the church

Harry Banks
Liberal Catholics of Christchurch, NZ Liberal Catholic Church in Christchurch, which is now Demolished, Waiting for Insurance claim.
267 Cambridge Terrace Christchurch 8013
Liberal Catholics of Christchurch, NZ
Rt. Rev. James Ingall Wedgwood

Born 24th May 1883.
Consecrated by Bishop Frederick S. Willoughby, assisted by Rupert Gauntlett and Robert King at London, 13th February 1916, as Regionary Bishop of the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain & Ireland and the British Empire.

First Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church until his resignation 2nd April 1923. Appointed Bishop Commissary for parts of Europe in 1926. Died 12th March 1951.